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Hello dear fellow earthlings! lately I have been enjoying my natural coloured and length nails but yesterday I decided to paint them myself in different colours as I am used to. Here are the great and artistic photos I took to show them to you. I know- but trust me they look a bit better live. Not much, but a bit. Anyhow, I concluded that these long natural nails are really nice but I bet I will continue with the natural colour also... (Don't quote me on that though)

Macbook has made my life a much easier when writing the blog. The WORK I used to have to do before I got even to get one thing posted was absolutely mad-lad job but now I really enjoy it!

Last year I took bit of a break from dancing as I had some injury that made my dancing so hurtful. I tried couple of times to make comebacks to the studio but the issue was pretty persistent. On last week however I decided pop back to try again and it was very good! Very fierce I was- as I went in front of the camera with a single 1 hour of training behind me :D I loved it and I was happy to be back here are the results from that class;

I am excited about September as I will take some new classes in upcoming winter. It feels nice to move my body and get a bit of adrenaline going. Especially after you couldn't- you know how to appreciate it. Details are the one what I left when I entered my break and I feel I can come back to it right away. I have been also watching wistfully ballet videos and when I took a lot of clothes to charity last week I refound my old pointe shoes. I kinda miss pointe classes and maybe that is something I can also come back to. In addition to that I have incorporated stretching in my daily routines. Sounds like boring but it actually works wonders to your body! Highly recommended :D

anyway here is me looking like a happy worm! Until next time sweeties,

todaloo :)


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