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Coming out of my comfort zone and I have been doing just fine 🌘

Hihihello friends! I am lying on my bed next to Hades and the rooftops of Tallinn are covered with snow. I just finished my coffee and now I am drinking red bull. We were suppose to be today in Helsinki but as life happens we stayed in Tallinn and that opened up to me to have an extra and extempore heels workshop. My dear dance teacher visited Estonia as she is living now elsewhere and I decided to take the shot.

My motivation toward dancing is in huge upward curve. I had a bit quieter season lately with my motivation, but when the new season kickstarted on last Autumn I got chance to sign up for completely new style and group I felt so excited to go back at dancing. The style is called frame-up (something that is very popular in Russian (?) I guess. We have this HUGE heels which weight half kilos each so you can imagine how your legs are working. It looks a lot easier than it actually is.

I decided to only focus on this dance style- but I do want to take occasional dance classes on heels too because I just freaking love how dancing on heels makes me feel. I don't usually go to workshops because simply my brain can not take so much choreography in such a short time. But oh boy I went today out of my comfort zone and it paid off.

After the dance class, when I was cooking in my sizzling hot bath that my fiancé prepared me I understood something. I think the past lack of motivation has been due one cause. Well let's be honest there are several of them- but let me share my ephihany. Most of my whole entire life, I have been living outside of the comfort zone. I am not afraid of taking new jobs, going to Russian language dance class (I don't know any Russian) or perform anywhere. I will push myself and I used to enjoy it. My whole life was about being outside of the comfort zone.

However in past years I understood that also slowing down is completely okay. I have reached so many of my life goals- I have been blessed to be in so many projects so I really enjoyed a little bit of being j u s t comfortable. It was my personal winter- if you wish.

But boy we are going fast toward to the spring and summer as I am again ready to push my self far and beyond to see my progress. I missed this feeling and I didn't even notice how much.

here is my first frame up video. Please enjoy it.

ps. now the amount of me reading books this year is 40. I can not believe it took me 5 years to pick up reading again after finishing my masters :D

choreography: Irena Pauku, Dali in Bali


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