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Estonia Heels Camp 2024

It has been a long time since I last time visited dance camps. I believe almost twenty years. Cisco and Fraules were heading to Estonia and that was my sign to sign up to these classes. Look, last new year I made the promise- to invest my well being and experiences more (And less to material things- now you can guess which one I succeed).

On Wednesday I heard there is Kseniya Pupynina coming to Estonia and of course I decided from the go to take her class too. The class was completely in Russian language so I let my body do talking and just winged it. I think it went pretty good :D

So finally the main weekend came. I took whole week off from work just to be able to relax also after trainings. We had altogether 6 hours of dance trainings together with Cisco and Fraules. After the weekend I still stayed at the studio to finish my weekend with my every Sundays frame up class. It was 11 hours altogether sports during that week. You know it doesn't sound much but when you have been enjoying bed and Netflix more than once in past half a year it took a real effort to keep up :D

In the end of Sunday I tossed my dancing bag to the closet and swore I won't touch that bag in the rest of the week- but instead I will just took a real vacation. Guess who humbled and excited got to the bag already on next day and went to the studio. Seems like I can not simply get enough of dancing.

I have been thinking going back to ballet classes and I ordered new actable shoes like I think 8 weeks ago. Haven't got them yet and to be honest I start to be a little bit suspicious if they will ever arrive. On the other hand I could also take some more heels classes.

And you know what? I suck at anything that is even remotely related to hip-hop. Maybe I will finally turn that stone and then all that is left to do is to go to learn ballroom dances and Irish tapping dance.



tara who.


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