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Yanis Marshall Camp 2024

...and the end of frame up season.

My fiancé bought me tickets to Yanis Marshalls dance classes as valentines day gift. I still can not believe we have this level of superstars here in Estonia. I have been watching his videos like since 678 BCC. After the previous dance camp I was very nervous to go in and I was also very nervous to meet Yanis because they say not to ever meet your idols. I spoke like month beforehand every day how I wasn't sure how it is going to be. And it was absolutely awesome.

I have talked years ago about what I see as superstar energy and one big thing is them being humble and kind. And I feel that he was so nice and down to earth and he is so incredibly talented dancer and teacher. I am so grateful for being able to attend such big names dance classes and I still can not believe I was there.

Compared to Fraules and Cisco, surprisingly Yanis was easier for me. Maybe it is because in his style he uses a lot of familiar elements to me from ballet and when I hear these things they make total sense to me. I can not express enough how happy and motivated I felt leaving from the classes. I was prepared to be in tears but I came out very happy.

I have one more name to go in my list which classes I need to experience and then I want to go to LA and dance there.

The same Sunday we wrapped our frame up dance classes for this season and I have to say that the time has flew so fast with this group. I didn't miss any of the classes (unless I was in other country). I took some extra heels classes and one pole class during spring time and then I went to three international dance teachers classes.

Now it is time to take a short vacation and then I will think whether I want to take whole summer off from dancing or will I take some classes.

If you have any good teachers to recommend please let us now.


Tara Who


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