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let July be July and let August be August and let yourself just be even in the uncertainty. You don't have to fix everything, you don't have to solve everything and you can still find peace

in the world of changing things.

It is Sunday and it is finally sunshine outside what feels like first time in eternity. The eternity this time can be summed up in four weeks- these four long weeks without any sun in the sky, a place where the greyness had put its heavy wings above Tallinn.

I swear to Universe if it was not sunny today I couldn't cope anymore. I would simply moved to Tokyo. or Maldives.

The Greyness inspired me to book again trip to my second home, Greece. We are going to pack our bags and head to Rodos in month of May. I simply can not wait. I have also picked up again learning Greek. I think it is going rather well.

The whole February I consumed all my free time dancing. In the end of Febs I was so tired and exhausted- but also also happy. I heard somewhere that if you feel under the weather you should be creating instead of consuming. I tried the first part. But also the second- so I can not report any results.

I signed up in two different dance camps in Estonia. I can not believe we will get Fraules, Cisco and YANISH MARSHALL in Estonia. I simply can not comprehend. I can not wait for the classes.

I have also picked up again dancing in heels and I have found very nice class to do it. The taxi ride takes quite a time but I actually like to have a little moment just for myself in the back of the taxi listening Tate mcraes greedy.

In dance classes I have taken very systematic approach for improving myself where I literally keep training diary. I am soon running out of pages so not sure where shall I start to write my ideas and feedback to myself next :D This months theme is to BREATHE and DETAILS- where the first seems more like DA how can you not but GUUUUURL when you are in the middle of dance floor it often is forgotten. So those are the themes we are working.

In our frame-up class we had very hip-hopi choreography which was also physical. The choreography was very hard for me because me and hip-hop we don't get along too well. But to be honest I was VERY satisfied how it looked in the end of three sessions. Not bad for a girl with 1 start hip-hop skills. Look at yourself.

choreography by Irena Pauku and Dali in Bali


ps, We went to brunch today. I have made to promise to myself this year to be more active and leave my house more often. I.E put my money more toward experiences and life itself instead of crazy designer clothing. It seems to be working.


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