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the saints we see are all made of gold ☽

H e l l o b e a u t i f u l h u m a n s !

Buckle up your seat belts– because let me tell you– this post will be a ride 😀

June and July seemed to tightly trap to each other when days were hot and the nights were sweaty. Surprisingly I am not big fan of summertime nor springtime and usually, I have this tendency to have big expectations through the summer. When I heard this summer is going to be the hottest one in years my inner planner was sweating already. Then life happened and I started to live day by day either than paying attention to too much planning:D So this is what happened (I try to be chronological but I can not promise all… 😀 )

Summer started with video shooting- which I absolutely love. If it is not clear yet- from all of the performance – gigs- photo shootings- video shootings (especially music video shooting) are my absolute favorites and you can find me in front of the camera if the call comes!

Beside working I spent a lot time in studio. Sometimes dancing- sometimes laying on the studios floors/sofas/my friends arms when I felt like it. Studio game was strong already starting of this hot summer period.

Besides being on the studio- I bought some rad things for myself- like nice pair of golden evil eye earrings- new iphone pro max11- some clothes that I lost in the beginning of the summer. In and between June and July I found myself being super busy with meeting new people- hanging out with my friends- taking time to myself and facing the demons that I have been holding under my bed a long time. For purpose my own entertainment (and maybe yours too in the future- I have been video recording everything :D)

As we all- I do have my own emotional baggage as well. There was quite heavy trauma for time ago that I didn’t know was that big of a deal, but lately I understood was something that shouldn’t be treated as something “oh it’s gonna be fine” type of thing. So I decided to face it. After long ass weeks I finally felt like there was a burden literally took away from my shoulders. And it feels very weird man to have so much lighter shoulders. The craziest thing is that I didn’t know you can feel this light- so some different kind of black magic there- and it feels absolutely crazy not to have this daunting thing on back of your mind anymore. It was great ass time to let go those negative things man 😀

As a result I started see how my own wings were carrying me again- and it presented myself smiling more 😀

Here is me smiling more…

…and more 😀

Then we went to terraces too with all of my girlfriends- and soon I found myself in more than two rad cool girls gangs (I am sorry I don’t know how that picture went upside down but forgive me, lord, :D)

Here is one of the coolest gangs on earth…..

And here another one. She taught me to drink Henny with gigner ale- pretty cool!

On Jaanipäev (midsummer days) or Juhannus as we call it in Finland I looked like your uncle from sixties. I still don’t know why- but I was just feeling the vibe 😀 You could fly me straight to black rock city and I would be ready show my best efforts and dance moves 😀 Beside looking your uncle stuck in sixties- we had barbeque- beach and some deep discussions- music and bonfire.

I have been also bathing- a lot. I have become a sucker for this spa moments man. I don’t know what is it with me whether they are bubbles in the bath or in the glass I am up to them!

And then there has been a bit more dancing and flipping hair- if you wish. We actually currently doing so rad choreography I can not wait to show it to you guys! It is my absolute favorite so far. Although I am as excited always when we start a new choerography 😀

Then there was some more videoshootings with German 🙂 This one I really fancied- probably one of the greatest days of this year 🙂

So yeah- It has been quite a maniac if you wish! But in a good way though. Like of course it has not been all sunny and funny but I think that is part of life man. I haven’t taken a proper vacation in six months still- and I am not sure when I will take it- as I really want to do something meaningful with my time. Like travel or… maybe take care of my french bulldog puppy that I reserved 😉 So there you go! I am soon a proper dog mommy and I will have this most cutest loveliest prettiest wonderful creature in this whole entire universe and I am going to love and spoil that dog to be my little angel in every situation.

I don’t know why but I am pretty sure dogs know something more we don’t Because I have been this crazy dog lady lately. We have a dog-friendly office and I feel like wherever in the office or in shops or out I go these doggie friends come to me and want me to pet them and pour my love to them. And it has filled my heart. Last time I went to the shop there was a french bulldog which I pet and he was very ready to leave home with me. We even made a joke about it with his human you know. In that moment I really understood maybe it is time to get a Frenchie puppy- Finally.

I don’t know man. How has your summer been? Have you got do the things you love? Have you healed your old traumas? Have you been giggling happiness and ugly crying when needed? Did you learn something new about yourself? did you fell in love?

I hope you did! if not human or puppy- I hope you fell in love the life itself.


Check His video- it is amazing!


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