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Let the bridges I burn light the way ☾

Soooooo the times we HAVE 😀

It has been rather a maniac lately- but I have to say I absolutely love it. I have been lucky enough to be booked in many video shootings- tv projects and fashion shows besides everything else.

In addition to these projects and my 9-5 life- I have also gig on this upcoming Friday. I am super excited to get back to gig life as corona took the best of it for a while. When the corona outbreak happened I was fully booked all the days so this was happy news to get back on the track.

In addition to these things, my social life has been blossoming like never before. I have gone socializing- collecting so crazy good-hearted people around me. Like literally- when you discover this energetic- kind- purely good-hearted people you just kinda go like- aw- I have forgotten there is also actual people existing who treat you nice. And then your energy just goes full 360 and you feel this constant euphoria surrounding all over you. You feel lucky. Also, other animals besides human can be very rad! Speaking on animal friends on this planet- I have this and next week really important role by being a full-time cat mommy to this beautiful queen.

I have had nice two-course lunches- I have been dreaming and speaking about going to Mykonos or Italy and went to movies. I have laughed and discussed. And done some adulting too- with its all glory 😉 .

Looking all these factors it is needless to say that sleep hasn’t been booked in my calendar lately- but I don’t mind. I am really enjoying my life fully currently so I can sleep on winter time.

It is crazy how life always carries you. One moment you think all is crazy and sad and the next thing you realized how much your life has improved.

I told a bit couple of posts again about this personal healing that I was going through- and honestly, I think the journey is really close to its end.

Like of course I will never stop growing as a person- because this is who I am- but some things I have left behind. There were years and years when this mourning was really present inside of me and I was longing to old good times and I truly can say that past is past now and I see everything so much clearer now. Sometimes you just have to take the blinds off to see the sun.

I have never told you about this- but I used to have this huge grocery sized bag full of memories. Pictures- letter- toys- you name it. Everything was there. Last Sunday when I came home with love on my heart in the morning I sat on my bed and went through all of it. On this Monday me and my best friend drove off to Tallinn and lit everything in the fire. Let the bridges burn light the way.

After that I was feeling mama earth breathing and I went to bed.

On Tuesday I woke up early with my heart and shoulders lighter.

I freaking love life.

And can not wait to have my french bulldog baby to arrive home.


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