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she ain’t used to all-nighters, so she thinks 6 is late ☾

Hello beautiful humans! ☽

I made it through this week alive- I still can not believe it 😀

But I am hashtag (:-D) blessed due that I am busy with the things I absolutely love to do because it could be absolutely opposite.

In addition to tv rehearsals- basic rehearsals- fittings and other projects, I had probably my best gig so far. Very good night in every way.

I mastered my time so that I was able to hang out with other people- have a very short shopping time and brought some clothes to chemical cleaning house- something I have been avoiding a long time to do 😀

Also- my very imporant role as cat mommy continued. This Saturday I took very seriously and after waking up the night after my gig I headed to see this lovely lady called Xena- and we just hanged couple of hours together.

After taking care of the kittycat I went almost straight to taking care of myself. I took over two hour bath and I am pretty sure my body went in 404 mode as it prolly thought I have been forgotting that to totally.

I really enjoyed the Saturday as I woke up and I had full day only to do the things I really like to do. So I relaxed, ordered some food and also stretched (this felt like luxury!).

We will see what next week brings to us ;).


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