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he likes my diamonds and my pearls I said, "thank you, I designed it"not your average girl🌘

Hello hi hey my fellow earthlings :-) You wished and I will deliver! a.k.a I asked you if you want to hear about some bag stuff and 81 percent of you said yes so here is some bag stuff! First of all few disclaimers; the first being that please don't take any advice from me because who I am to give any advices- so this is only my personal opinion- how I look at things.

Okay so lets back track to 2014 when I loved to shop fast fashion. The term wasn't so prominent back then so I really wasn't very aware what I was doing but it was what it was. I liked to shop and that's it. Very fast I noticed that the things wore off very quickly and didn't last very long; as I'm not a professional stylist I didn't know where to look. I donated and sold a lot of my clothes and then one day I just got enough. I got rid of all my bags and decided that I will buy once I know what I like.

Fast forward to 2022 and I can finally say that my closet starts to be quite ready. I don't buy designer stuff just because it is designer but I do admit liking (loving) designer things. It all started very innocently by buying Louis Vuitton Speedy and a bit after Balenciagas and now I almost entirely shop in places where I can find exactly what I like. Besides loving handbags for their quality- I also apply the same thinking when buying shoes, classical everyday wear and belts. Look- when it comes to high heels I do have couple of Manolos and Louboutins in the closet but these- like some other evening / party wear I like to collect.

Same tactics also applies when thinking to investing into bags. I like to invest mostly in bags made of quality materials and classical ever-lasting look. Also- personally I like to invest EITHER in looks or the utility. I never invest into bags right away when they pop up but I like to see a bit how their value changes on markets after releasing. With some models I really prefer the vintage versions simply because usually they have better fabrics.

Here are some of the bags I have and I will now tell you, would I buy/invest into them again.

This is one of the Vintage ones; it is designed by Karl Lagerfeld. I wanted the maxi size with big logo and specifically the one with solid gold logo. The CCs in newer models are not anymore solid gold but only with coating of gold. I was VERY lucky to get this model and very happy about it although it could use some Chanel maintenance. I would definitely buy this again and it is great investment as the bags price is going up like crazy.

I promised mylself I wouldn't speak too much about shoes or watches but I just want to say a few words. Mostly when I have bought something it has always been a gift from myself to myself. Whether I passed probation period, got in a tv show or got around another year in our planet earth I like rewarding myself. The right hand side being one of that, but also usually they are great investment. The right hand sides is- but on the left hands side the calendar/wallet plus wallet are not great investments in my opinion because you use them a lot and they do not add value over time. However I would buy both of them again because I truly love them. But If I was only collecting investment pieces- I would skip the left hand side and stick with the watch.

This one is my oldest long-term friend, which I is very old! But we love her! She has gone through a lot and is still in pretty good shape. I actually love a lot more the handles with Patina too. I would buy and keep this- and it will definitely sell later if you wish to get rid of it. Not adding the price- but I am sure it is still trending after five years.

This one I bought around 4 years ago and now it is my dancing bag. The leather is very soft and not very durable. I love the styling of the bag and it is very handy either you are going to work, shop, gym or parties (I have literally partied with this bag to 6am in the morning back in the good times :D ) and we have gone through some things together. However- I would not buy this bag again. You can see the leather is damaged and I really don't fancy too much silver wear anymore. I was in and between with this and Louis Vuitton Noé and hope I had chosen the Noe one.

Moving into the smaller bags. Or tiny- in this case. I let you decide how trendy or unique this bag is and how useful it is- but I will just say; it has its own charm. If worn good I truly believe it will hold its values if you bought it with a good deal :D I won't comment more. I can be silly sometimes.

Here we turn to the left side of the picture around so don't get fooled :D So starting of with the Nano bag- this was something that I didn't even realise how valuable it was when I bought it. The moment I paid the bag in Louis Vuittons store in Marbella (it was the only one in the store) and I stepped my leg to the street I had doubled the price of the bag. Nano is very desirable and hard to get. I love it and I find it very useful too. So definitely re-buy and reinvest into this baby. The right hand side Fendi I literally bought because I thought it was hilarious but I have wore it a lot- it is very useful and for its price (I bought it as used) very good investment. Wouldn't buy Fendi as new though.

This Yohji Yamamoto bag I bought for my photo shootings. I just needed a big bag when I am going from one shooting to another to get all my stuff in. This is the bag that I take also to my gigs. It is not an investment but very useful. Would definitely buy again. It is HUGE and very handy in photo shootings.

And this is my latest bag that I bought. I was in and between to getting this and the nude one- and couple of other options from BOTTEGA VENETA and Louis Vuitton, but I decided finally to go with this one. I needed a small party bag that I can take abroad with me.

One day I will post about the shoes!


kisses and hugs

Tara WHo


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