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I'm gracious the dark mistress is no longer by my side 🌙

Hello, hi, good morning and good afternoon today it is last quarter phase of the moon. We have today a real agenda as this is going to be long post so lets get this party started. Today's partys agenda as follows; -Greece madness

-Thoughs about my shoulder muscles

-Gym crazyness

-Being bored and half year without nic

-Deleting tiktok and instagram

-Being Lazy

-Moldavite comeback

-Nail styles

and lastly and most importantly

-Ted Lasso

So as we can see today- our Agenda is pretty paramount so let us start;

First of all we flied to Greece couple of weeks ago and it took like 4 hours and felt like we were going to our holiday home. Which it basically was for me - like going home I mean- but Mr Who was first time in Greece so it was very exciting. Trip was very nice and relaxing except I was missing deadly mr Hades who has staying home and I remembered that I absolutely can not leave anywhere because I love my dog too much. Anyway here is some pictures from lovely Greece;

Then second point of our agenda today which is my shoulder muscles. here they are:

One might think this is my current shoulder muscle situation but unfortunately it is not. However this brings us to my next agenda point which is that I lost my mind a little bit and joined the gym again ???? contrary to popular and my own beliefs and I dont know maybe it is that some planet is retrograding or something is happening but I went yesterday to do light leg workout and I was like ???? excuse me am I enjoying myself???? Do I want my shoulders back?? It is not that I never disliked going to the gym but since I found nicotine pouch I thought why go there??? But you know what today it marks half a year without any nic and ave maria there is nothing that puts me back to those patches. Oh lord!!!!!

Anyway next topic that might have some correlation to the previous agenda point is that I have been recently deleting my instagram and tiktok from time to time; sometimes for couple of days. I love being in both of the apps and especially I LOVE to watch other peoples lives but you know I am so stuck in them- I get sucked in so bad! so I am making empirical study what would happen if I was consuming a little less time on interwebs. The only problem is that all of the dance classes are online so I might miss some good opportunities- but I guess we live on 🤷

I have felt a bit stuck- or anxious if you will lately. Maybe I have been staying too much at home and I have too much energy for that- but the gym has felt a solid answer for that. And then last two points in my agenda; I have been enjoying a lot for short colored nails and I binge watched Ted Lasso and fell in love.

Okay now I will go,

Toodaloo, Tara Who


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