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Amsterdam city of sin or city of freedom. And in freedom people tend to find sin. ☽

He called out to his fellow monks, "Come quickly I am tasting stars"

So off I went again searching art. This time it was moco museum and more specifically Banksy art. It was my first time in the Netherlands, and it was raining cats and dogs.

However, it didn’t bother too much. Traveling inside Amsterdam is easy- and I highly recommend you concentrating on taking a hotel from central to Amsterdam. When booking the trip I really contemplated in and between junior sweet and premium room, as these kinds of things make traveling so much nicer.

So what we did beside art? We visited all the tourist attractions, went to some jewelry shops and some of our favorite brands. On Sunday morning I called the room service to bring us breakfast and stars glass to make ourselves feel like home. The hospitality of the hotel was great- they brought even toothbrushes to our room when we were missing ones.

All in all the Netherlands was a great experience- a lot different than I expected but nice to experience still.

Coming back was le catastrophe as our flight got canceled, and air baltic was a farce but that whole day and experience needs its own post 😀

But that’s all my side- I hope you are having a great day.

Please remember to be kind!

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