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the story of reviving her blog ☽

Hello all earthlings! 🌱

Phew, after loosing the blog Mrs. Who kept bringing up her concerns about how important the blog actually was for her. What a mediocre boyfriend is to do? Well of course he has to crawl through the interwebs and try to find bits and pieces of something that does not exist anymore.

First step and perhaps the easiest part was to go through internet archives and find snapshots of her beloved . Now that most of the information was found there was an attempt to copy the .php code to perhaps use the old blog as a template. Turns out that is not as easy as just copy+paste and press enter. It became clear that it was easier to ✨ start from scratch ✨.

"vita ante acta" - a life done before

Second step was to get Mrs. Who's opinions on what to bring back and what to change etc. Me not having too much patience for anything (blame it on the ADD 😂) it is fair to say that the process of building the website is quite a lengthy process and to get everything into order will take some more time. Meanwhile I keep making these changes, I hope that Mrs. Who will continue to write more blog posts for you to enjoy. All in all for example finding all the pieces for the older posts might take some time, so if you're wondering why some posts are missing photos or videos and links are broken they are coming it'll just take some time. 😊

"It's ok. You just forgot who you are. Welcome back." - Someone


Mr. Who (but... who is it? 😳)


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