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Sunday recap 🌓

Hello hi terve moi here bonjour hola my dear earthlings! So today I am here to just give you a short overview about last weeks moments... (My team says my minutes are very short- so also maybe my weeks can be- oh well lets say- not exactly as 1 punctual week as its meaning)

Okay so I will use bullet points here because you would probably get lost in my stories and it would be length of the bible anyway so here it comes...

  1. (She says uses bullet points as she perceives to use numbers...) I said good bye to my old dance shoes and I got new shoes for completely free (?????) destiny or coincidence you decide.

  2. I have made couple of new friends. Or acquaintances- well friends I would like to call them

  3. I ordered way too many silk clothes

  4. I played tennis and was MAGNIFIENCTLY better at this time than the previous one. You can basically call me the next Piti Borges.

  5. I finished one more course and that made me feel alive

  6. I also finished a book that I wanted to throw away as it was so bad- so now I have actually reason to throw it away.

  7. I bought new decks of oracle cards and made insane connection with them. CHILLS.

  8. I went to the office

  9. We have been also shopping for Hades and some sport stuff.

  10. We have been eating very good lately and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GREEN JUICES. Like the natural ones you know. I don't know when I drink them they make me feel like an absolute goodness.

  11. I have read about art a lot lately and bough also two books about it. One I also finished and the other one is on my reading list next

  12. I have been watching Netflix series and also listen podcasts a lot- but that's nothing out of ordinary. ANYWAY.



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