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not your average girl he needed swag and I provided it 🌙

hello hi my buttercups!

I have found joy in dancing again! I feel very motivated to go to the dance studio and I signed up to a new school too. It wasn't really new for me as 6 years ago I took some ballet lessons there, but after that it seems it has either expanded or renewed some parts of it. The first time I was so lost in the corridors I had to ask someone who freestyled headphones on in the corridor to literally find the right class. I went to experiment with a new teacher and I really loved it.

I have also been stretching daily to improve my muscles as I have had some problems with my legs. I also bought AGAIN the compressors which I will wear sometimes also at home. I highly believe that those two methods will help a bit with my legs.

In addition to my dance classes and taking the teachings from there I have been lucky enough to attend 5 courses during this year. I have really missed learning because as a person I am very curious and I aim to keep all my info always up-to-date. So for me dancing is good balance for that.

I have already gone through all the performances on stages and in competitions but videos, music videos, and all kind of tv appearances I am still willing to make- and looking forward to :)

The dance culture in Estonia is a lot different than in Finland and I have taken all pleasure out of it. I can be signed for several studios at the same time and at the same time alternate between classes. This has given me so much good times and great projects that if 15 years old Tara could see that she would be absolutely BAMBOOZLED.


here is a video from dance class wayyyy back few weeks ago. Enjoy it! Toodaloo!

Choreography: Diana Aizatullina

Filmography: Georg Puhm


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