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need this time to meditate, help me breathe liquor got me feeling ways 🌗

It has been almost two years that I dropped breathe work. I picked it up lately again and it it funny because it always feels like home, wherever you do it. Back when me and Haddy were still living just two of us in our little witchy home I often meditated. I used to do the practise in the morning, and during our 1-hour lunch time and then I did breathe work in the evening. During the meditation Haddy was always sitting on my lap. During the breather work he either stays close to me and relaxes or then checks after every round that I am still aright.

It is very heartwarming.

In past years I have done still some yoga- not as regularly as I used because I have been focusing on dancing more lately-but still actively. I have also tried to recently focus on more the stretching, but the scars from ballet are still here. Both of my legs back hamstrings have never been fully healed but I am very determined to keep my flexibility on the level it is now.

I have also couple of new tarot and oracle decks that I have been using and I am really grateful that them got recommended to me.

have you ever tried breathe work? If yes- has it work for you? Have you encounter anything interesting while doing it?


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