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make you feel good like the '90s 🌒

Here are couple of pics from Thursday. It was such a nice, calm and happy week. Our apartment finally starts to come together as we received our new very delicately selected night stands. We both are pretty picky when it comes to furniture so we decided already from the beginning that we rather take our time and build our nest with quality rather than quantity (of course some compromises are evitable). So we can comfortable say that our nesting phase is now finalised. I am not sure if that is the right word- but I really like it so I just decided it is perfect to use here. Don't come after me if it is something else :-D We are both art lovers too, so we still have some bonus things our list, like one carpet and amazing art piece that we are bidding, but we see how it goes. Anyhow it is already SEPTEMBER and I am bamboozled!!!!!!!!!! The summer went SO FAST and it was SO FUN, I think one of the best summers I have ever had. But Autumn is pretty exciting time too you know- time to enjoy new phase again. Anyhow- it was nice to talk to you again. Hope to see you soon!!


Your local witch, Tara


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