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It is your motivation that is sucking about you. ☽

First of all, we need a disclaimer, because what would Tara Who blog post be without a disclaimer. I don't speak about the ones who may have some mental health challenges or the ones that have any injuries. Neither does this post concern people who have one or other challenge that they cannot help. But who am I to give you any advice?

The bigger we grow and the older we get, motivation is the single factor that keeps our discussions heated. Wether it's about the lack of motivation that you currently have, or the motivation that you have been seeking for so long to maybe go to the gym, if you wish.

I really do not want to sound like a complete tool, but the next sentence will make me look like one nevertheless. So frick it. When I went to the gym from 3 to 5 times a week, and in addition to that went to the dance trainings four times a week, I got really often asked: How did I find my motivation and now I want to reveal you the secret.

I don't and I didn't.

To think that I went to the gym either 6AM in the morning before work or 7PM after work and my masters studies on Friday evening. I really wanted to go to the gym instead of getting drunk with my new Uni-friends. Honestly the time before my personal trainer and the time before my most important competitions, I could find 100, at least 1000 maybe 10,000 ways to consume my time, rather than spending it in a dark room with at least 100 other people lifting those weights. However, why it was important for me to go? It was not actually to keep my body together, but more so keep my brain together and that's the thing why I went there. I want more value by consuming my time in the gym, despite the fact that it didn't feel nice in that time, nor it was always the most comfortable way, but I knew inside of me that this will bring me joy in the long term.

Do you think I didn't want to skip my leg day? If I had to guess I would've stayed at home alone 9 times out of 10. But the thing is once you create a habit, we all know it takes 21 days to form a habit, then you don't have to think anymore. You don't have to contemplate whether you want to go to the gym or you don't want to go to gym because you go there either way and it's part of your practice, part of who you are. How I see the thing, it's not about the lack of your motivation that is sucking about you it's the decision of not making the right choices in a moment. Doesn't matter how much you wanna go to the gym or how much you wanna start eating healthy or how much you want to stop some type of addiction, but more so about those daily choices that keep you going. The motivation that you have is not something that you have, or you don't have you have to actually recreate it for yourself by not allowing yourself to do whatever.

Say it louder third time in a row, so the ones in the back can hear it. It's not your motivation that is sucking about you. It is the comfort of your choices to use and to turn when you feel like things are getting hard that's not bad you just have to make peace with yourself. Ask yourself, what is the prize for being a little bit uncomfortable for a while and stepping outside of your comfort zone or are you happy where you are at the moment?

Todaloo! Tara Who


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