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I followed my heart and it took me all the way to the Maldives 🌙

hiheyhello! my dearest earthlings. Okay so the moment we all have been waiting for. Maldives.

So I had a birthday and what a birthday girl needs more than a trip? Well good food, sun, sunscreen and some good service is enough to make this little earthling happy. As me and Mr. Who couldn't decide where should we go- we waited kinda long to settle with the decision- so to say- we left it with the date itself to decide it for us. Our criteria were sun- sand- good service & not too many Finnish or Estonian tourists.

As Mr. Who has been living in Spain and I have visited (and lived technically) there more than I dare to admit that was off the counts. Mykonos was my number one choice but unfortunately in October the heat there wasn't enough for me. I have always wanted to go to spend my honeymoon in Maldives and Mr Who found us beautiful overwater junior suite and that sealed the deal for me. So off we went.

We have been traveling a lot together- but to be honest, we never had VACATION together. What means 0 work for both of us. As nerdy I am- I read a lot about spiders, and mantas and possibility of rain. Well the two first were very needed information but the last one we didn't encounter gladly.

Our suite was very private and it made the trip very exclusive feeling. The nature was beyond incredible and as the nature is so rare and untouched there it really feels like you are visiting the animals there and not the people so much. For us- the customer service also went over and beyond in every aspect. They made us very nice beach dinner and remembered even my birthday.

It is very hard to pick only one special moment or my favourite part of the trip as the whole time was so magical. We got to swim with the sharks, and see a lot of crabs, and a bat and also some birds. We drank some drinks and our bodies got sun kissed. I did some Yoga, we swam and we ate well. I snorkelled properly first time in Maldives and I totally fell in love. I am pretty sure the Starsky will never leave my mind.

There would be so many stories to be told about the maledives but I will leave it this time to just say we mutually agreed it was the very best vacation we ever made (together) : - D


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