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what I learned so far being the owner of a french bulldog puppy ☽

1. French Bulldogs are needy. Extremely needy and affectionate. And I love it. I knew it already being around with Pentti that french bulldogs are very cuddly dogs- but puppies take it to the next level. We do everything together- now when writing this Haddy is on my lap. Most of the time when I am working Haddy is either on my lap or sleeping next to me in his nest. He sleeps every single day next to me or on top of me. But all in all- they are like little babies.

2. French bulldogs can have so little fur that you have to dress them up.

Let’s be honest- I am not the person who dresses her pets- and to be honest I don’t understand other people doing it. Until now. We went to the vet and she sent us to buy clothes for Hades. So off we went. And online we went to a bit- so soon he will be fashionable too 😀

3. How dirty our environment is. Well, we live in Estonia- so we have a pretty clean environment still. But it is crazy how careless people are about the mama earth- I included. Now when I have had to pay attention to the way I walk and I see on the ground- because Hades puts everything in his mouth while we are out- this is puppies’ way of getting know to their environment. I collected one day 51 cigarette buds outside of my house in space on 20 meters around 10 minutes. 51 ciggies- that could possibly kill some animal. I have also seen glass pieces- masks- chocolate papers. Really woke me up. Like it really did- and I try to be myself a bit more environmentally conscious next time.

4. This now the biggest one I have learned so far. How many animals/pets who love you sense your emotions and reflect them. When I am super relaxed Hades behaves extra loving and sensitive. The days for instance where I am stressed about the work (and think only I know about it) Hades immediately picks up and starts acting out. It is a big life lesson here for me. And this is one of the reasons what has made me learn a really fast new stress-coping mechanism.

5. Hades had taught also me about myself as a person. I am really loving and I put him always before anything else. I love animals. I haven’t been a big fan of motherhood to be honest- because I have made such big expectations to myself because I wish that if I never had a baby that baby HAS TO HAVE the very best life. I wish that nobody especially I am bringing into this world a baby in a situation that is half ready. There is trauma enough on this planet already. 😀 (this is only based on personal experience 😀 )

6. How other people are willing to also live the puppy phase with you and this is awesome! Hades gets very much attention when we are outside- people talk and want to pet him and they absolutely love them. Especially other french bulldog owners are so cute- when they come and talk with me. Also, the support my friends have shown to Haddy is great. Much love- everywhere!

7. How I need to start doing things I want and love much earlier- and believe in myself more in my personal life. I have been wanting a french bulldog puppy- I think around 15 years now. I haven’t been taking it because I have been listening to a lot of other people’s opinions- judgment and shadowing toward me. All the things like “oh you have to take him out every day” “oh you can not travel so much” really took a toll on me. To be honest, I thought taking Hades out will be really challenge- but nowadays it is my favorite part of the day. I just wish I would stop other people putting me down much earlier- but on the other hand, I believe everything happens for a reason and this puppy couldn’t come in a more perfect time for me.

8. How communicative Frenchie puppies are. Hades talks SO MUCH. As he is still very young it is sometimes difficult to find common language- but mostly what he likes is attention. So if I hear speaking here there it means he needs more petting and kisses 😀

9. How quickly trust was built with him. He trusts me more than 100 percent- and sometimes it is really hard to leave him home when I have to go to dance practices or somewhere else. I still think of him 80% me being away 😀 But I think this will get better with time.

So that’s that! I see I have given my puppy fever to many people around me and there you go- it is very contagious-

and my answer to your question is yes.

You should get a puppy if you are ready to love him to death and provide him a good home.

Lot’s of love- I hope your day is as magical as you are!


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