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tara who, who are you ¿

If you haven’t been with me quite a while you don’t have an idea where we here like to introduce ourselves many times. And now it is that time again! -Tara really?!?! I haven’t posted from my Spain trip anything yet and I am soon there again and also my mid-summer party post is lacking! What has happened to me??? Who am I?? I don’t know but let’s find out.

So hi! Or yo as I usually say. My name is Tara Who (nowadays after Finnish governmental office startes keep eye on my blog lol; true story). I have additction to coke zero! Or actually many of them but that being the biggest.

My biggest enemies are annoying human beings, throat ache and the blue area in PUBG. I just graduated with my master’s degree and I had the lamest parties ever. By the way, I graduated by writing about Finnish hip-hop culture and authenticity in it. Kinda cool, ha?

Most people nowadays call me noita, which means witch in Finnish because I am psychic af and I do paranormal crazy things my eyes wide open while I sleep. Or that is the reason what they give to me. Only god (and other cool guys) know the truth.

I tend to be very sensitive and artsy. Often people think that those character traits are cringe worthy. I think they lead me to the dark side so I try to avoid them.

I do not avoid rap music. Or the culture around. I freaking love live music.

Otherwise I am sporty girl with a loads of attitude and determination. I tend to be very organized as well. Now this bragging got out of hand. What else!! I am always having existential crisis and I think the grass is greener wherever I head to. I love social media and my favorite artist is post malone.

My friend always tells me I am overdramatic but I highly disagree. I just care more than the average 😀

Oh and yes-

I am from Finland but I think I am more Estonian nowadays. That’s it


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