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me, you and -2kg 🌗

Hello hello hi good morning and welcome to my blog which seems to be more fitness blog than anything maybe I should change my name TaraFit? käkäkäkä :D

Last week we did 4 weight liftings in total and then two low intensity cardio. My weight has now dropped 2kgs and I can already see and feel it. I believe most of it its water weight but I take it :D

It is now Wednesday and we have gone through abs, shoulders and back. I have been trying to hit my protein macros and I feel I have improved. However the total macros I still struggle to hit.

Maybe it is the reason why I am so tired and I have been napping so much I could call myself professional napper :D

Anyhow thats that not too much to raport about :)

Toodaloo, Tara Who


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