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me, you and 15 kilos 🌒

hello hello and hi!

This week started with whopping 5th train since last week and I found quite challenging to find a muscle group that wasnt sore. I trained legs the day before and my chest was still hurting so I needed something else. I also started new programme end of last week so the muscle groups that I train together are so bizarre for me!

I found shoulder and abs (what a strange combo in my opinion XD) so I trained them. I remember back then my favorite group to train was shoulders (ofc. beside legs). After the training we went for spa and sat in a sauna for a while before going to eat chicken pockets.

I also found my old myfitness pal user and I have been checking some of the macros I have been consuming. I never fancied counting calories but I do like to check from time to time my macros and contrary my own beliefs I was consuming quite a lot fats. So the check was ok to make :D

I am now literally lying on my bed I and I can not wait to go to sleep. I slept last night 5 hours because I fell to the trap of napparenos and I quite literally am running with coffee and energy drinks on my system. Today we are having off day from lifting because we can not lift a single thing as every muscle group of my body is so sore but tomorrow I will be back on my bullshit.

My main goal of all this was initially to reduce my anxiety. And you know what- after only one week it has reduced like 60% Maybe it is hormones or maybe it is the fact that I had too much energy on my hands and nowhere to put it so it just bottled up inside of me. And in addition- going to the gym really makes you feel good about yourself. You did something good simply for yourself. You took time for yourself.

On the second motivation for me is to just get stronger. I can not open any freaking cans that walk in my way and I can not handle it anymore :D Also my thighs are too much for the heels classes so we need to tone them down a bit. Third reason is my bobs. Eventhough I am very grateful for these gods gifts simply size G cups are too much. My back nor my shirts can not take it anymore :D

anyway- I will keep you updated

toodaloo, Tara Who.


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