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I am the main character ♡🌕

Hello hi and bonjour! Long time no see and no heard am I right or am I right!

Look at us two earthlings in this huge rock called earth just bouncing around in this magnificent cosmos, finding ourselves to crossing to each others paths once again! Coincidence or fate- you decide.

Since last time we spoke, there has been happening a lot. I decided the best way to catch up with you is just give you a quick bullet point list about the things that has happened lately. Here we go; -We went to Spain

-We got engaged

-I have been going to photoshootings

-Hades has been doing well

-I coloured my hair

-I found OLD iPod 5th generation and it has been officially the best thing ever

-I have read 30 books so far during this year (Yes you read correct not 28 anymore- and I know I promised to give you another chaotic book review in my ig stories).

-I went to tarot reader who told me I am going to be mom (don't know what he was talking about...) and that I am like phoenix who rises from ashes again and again.

-I have taken some coaching, therapy and leadership courses.

-I have been feeling my absolute best lately

-I have been painting a lot lately (you can find the painting in my IG stories)

-I have been seeing my friends lately a lot

-I started in completely new dance group (it was also a new style)

and last but not least....

-I have started new hobby by doing my own gel nails at home. They still look like your sisters kids aged 3 and 4 did them but I keep getting better at doing them.

So as I feel like this bullet point list doesn't give full justice to the emotions I am going thourgh in life currently so let me tell you this. Today I was working to pretty late so while I was doing something very important in the interwebs I caught myself listening our Marshall that I hooked my new iPod 5th generation in. The music was Lana del ray and remembered the exact moment when I was so into listening that like around 10 years ago. I vividly remember sitting in Spain with my headphones on and dreaming about life that I wish I could have. It was time when Cara Delevingne was Vogues cover girl and Lana Del Rey was everybody's favourite. My fiancé was cooking in the kitchen us dinner and as coincidence Hades slowly pad along to my side where his furry bed was. It was so calm and nice and I felt like I was so happy.

Last weeks have been very productive for me. Partly because I have felt super creative and partly because I have been executing a lot of things. Eventhough the darkness has put its beautiful wings over Tallinn it feels like my sunshine hasn't tarnished. Which is nice of course. Last week I went to photoshootings and we also had first ever video shootings for our frame-up chores. Let me tell you this. I am not normally nervous AT ALL when it comes to dance videos. I feel like either the new shoes that weight half kg or the style is so intriguing for me that I found myself absolutely ice cold. Like bucket of ice. Or even full on freezer. But you know what I nailed it as best as I can and I was very proud of myself for my first frame up choreography. I will post the video to my Instagram as soon as we get them :)

I am so happy that my dancing motivation has come back. It was gone for a while and even a little dancing felt like bunch of sticks under my nails. But since this season I have been feeling so inspired and I have been working hard. I can see already the progression in my body and in my mind and I can not wait to nail this art even further.

This season I want to focus definitely on isolation and different accents and being specific when moving. I also want to naturally add more flexibility to my body. So yes. Can not wait for the next months to see what happens!

Anyway. I love you my inter webs friend.

Have a great day! and tomorrow!! and then you are on your own :D


Tara Who


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