perjantai 6. heinäkuuta 2018

ei tuu kesää ilma käärmeit


On this week I visit with friend in one festival that is located in Tallinn. However, I just think I have became old (wise) because I was so early at home and I drank only half a cider!! what kind of festival is that? Well the truth is that I am still struggling a bit with my health so coming home and going to bed sounded so much more thrilling.

I have been lately listening a lot bassradio and I enjoy them sososo much! I don't know what to else to tell. I haven't been able to go to gym yet, and it breaks my heart a bit! But it is going to be alright, right.

I am currently drinking a bit redwine and I just woke up form a nap.
I had one of those sleep paralysis-slash-terrors again.
Someone whispered to my ear in very manly deep voice "cheater" two times :D:D:D:D
that ghost needs to chill the F down or I am going whisper to his ears those things as well.
it is on!! :-D

have a great weekend,