maanantai 18. kesäkuuta 2018

m i t ä s i t ä e l ä ä v a r o v a s t i

I had blast on last week. I was joggling between going to the gym, office and going out. If I had a room mate, I bet he wouldn’t recognize me anymore because I haven’t been at home at all. On Friday I was so tired after my work day and I truly wanted to just stay home with Emma, but then I decided to get myself together and go to visit my friend who had birthday parties. After that I ended up with my friends to Kopli some techno parties. I have lately fell in love with that kind of music and I bet it has something to do with my eternal love to grime music. Well I think- we all knew to wait for that. I could just spend my life in techno parties.
On Saturday I woke up well-rested and took a bath. I was eating yesterdays pizzas on a bathtub and loving the life. We got ourselves together and went to the park to play some softball. I truly haven’t had so good time in a long time. I love to hang out in bigger groups and I love to get know to people. Especially when you find something common with them and you bound well.

Yesterday we went to the movies and I stayed up pretty late. 

It was a good weekend, these kinds of weekends more, please.

//Viime viikkona eukko laitto tuuleen ja käytin mun aikaa juosten duunista gymille ja gymistä ulos. Perjantaina päädyin illalla mun ystävän synttäribileiden kautta koplin teknobileisiin ja aamulla heräsin hyvin nukkuneena (ei uskois tosta kombosta he-he:-D) Söin aamupalaks pizzaa kylpyammeessa ja sen jälkeen me mentiin pelaamaan pesäpallon light-versiota puistoon. Eilen me käytiin safkaamassa ja leffassa ja tänään mä oon menossa salille. Oli tosi hyvä viikonloppu kaikella lailla.