torstai 28. kesäkuuta 2018


me without make-up
me with make-up

So first of all I am way too sick to make up any cool name for this post so it bores the name we all know.... LOL. Yes!!! that is right!! I am sick and I have kind of bump on my eyelid which can suck my enormous ego. Like literally this was secret but I aimed this week to be get-my-shit-back-together-secret-project and look what happened!! I got sick. So I have continued eating pizza ! and icecream! and tacos! and donuts for breakfast! what the fuck! I don't know. It is complicated. Also my long lasting friend, also known as my old computer passed away. Yes, it was tragic. But time heals all the scars. Or it doesn't but it is a methaphore which suited here. Now I am going to go and die.

ps. this was funny conversation i.e I was funny. You don't understand it if you don't speak Finnish, but you can still laugh at the end. he-he.