torstai 31. toukokuuta 2018

u s k o t s ä k a i k e n h y v i n m e n e v ä n v a i k a i k e n h y v ä n m e n e v ä n ?


So I went to defend my master's thesis and  dear internet friends, audience and the committee...

drums please...

I will graduate!
I am a master's of communication management, crazy isn't it!
I still can not believe I wrote my master's thesis about hip-hop culture and its authenticity. 
It was absolutely crazy ride, but I guess it was worth of it.

I haven't yet realized it that it really is over now, but I have to admit I feel a bit lighter,
or a fighter as my tattoo says.

Nevertheless, it is a good times bro!
There is one video coming soon to you guys.
I can not reveal anything yet but keep eye on me.
I bet it's going to be worth of it!