lauantai 21. huhtikuuta 2018

Y ' a l l h a t e r s c o r n y w i t h t h a t i l l u m i n a t i m e s s

Y O !

It is your favorite Scandinavian girl! Tallinn has been treating us lately with sun and warmth.
I have been super busy past week, and I have to say it has made me feel alive.

On Friday, I was a full day in the office, and in addition to that, I went straight after putting myself ready to video shooting. We continued shooting till the very late night and after that, I had given my everything. I got some food and headed almost bed immediately.
Those shootings were one of the best ones.
Hah, I feel like I always write that when I come out of shootings, but this time we had actually really good time. I laughed a lot and felt comfortable in front of the camera. 
Unfortunately, our time was limited so beside the two snapchat stories I made, I didn't have time to put more on my social media, but you will see! ;)

Today, there was still voice over to record so that was what I did.
And then I wrote my thesis, and now I am about to relax a bit.
There are the couple of weeks still to go with the thesis writing part and then oh gosh I am done!!!!
I am way too social nowadays to stay inside alone with the computer and write about what other people have written about something I love.

I feel like once I get to start doing my presentation, 
I can finally see the light end of the tunnel.

But all in all.
All Gucci,
how are you doing today?