sunnuntai 29. huhtikuuta 2018

w h o n e e d s a s q u a d w h e n u c a n b e t h e s q u a d


This weekend was dope. On Friday evening after I came home I started work with my graduation paper (thank u for jesus that soon that will be over...) and then I went to the grocery shop, came back and played a bit. After the chicken dinner was not served, we decided to get old town to drink some wine and discuss about conspiricy theories. Way too many drinks later and 6 am we were still dancing at the Studio and having the time of our life. We both were drunk and at funny mood.
It was literally something we all needed in that point, after hustling lately like crazy people.

On saturday I spent having horrible hungover and watching absolutely horrific horrorthriller. It was called Split and I have literally haven't been so into a movie for a while.
I felt like I was in the movie.

Today I went to have breakfast at the old town and it was absolutely delicious.
It was a good weekend I must say.

Also I am seeing so many crazy dreams again, the most exciting being always the ones I get in the middle of the dream that this is dream.
To be honest, I could have couple of days more to relax but oh well-
How was your weekend?