sunnuntai 15. huhtikuuta 2018

t h e y d o n ' t r e a l l y b e t h e s a m e o f f l i n e y o u k n o w d a r k d a y s , y o u k n o w h a r d t i m e s d o i n ' o v e r t i m e f o r t h e l a s t m o n t h ☽

Yo! my dear internet friends  ☽

I have been rather productive this weekend. I became back to hustle mood, and stopped b i t c h i n g around about things and just do them insted. I also stopped tackling every small issue that bother's me and just go with the flow. 
It felt good, I must say. 
I cleaned my apartment, baked a cake, went to the gym almost everyday, wrote my thesis and went swimming. 
In addition to that I dreamed about burning man.
On Friday when I was walking to the gym I just couldn't help but smile to the life itself.
What a crazy year again it has been.
And how damn lost and found can one person go in such a short time. 

I have been eating so much take away food that it is a literal joke. I literally almost got a client card for one place because I go there almost everyday.
Hahha, adulting at its finest.
There is almost everyday the same person working, so today I had to tell him that you know that I can cook really, but I may or may not have addiction to these foods right here. 
I think I convinced him.  

Although it is sad that it is Sunday already,
I am kinda looking forward to this week.
I will do sports a lot and do my best to lift heavier weights
and maybe not drink so much wine. 
And well- maybe a be a bit less emotional too.

I hope we will have a great week.
it's good to be back.