tiistai 17. huhtikuuta 2018

I c a m e f r o m t h e b o t t o m I ' m t o p n o w ☾

y o !

hallelujah! have you been outside? if you haven't you can ca$$hh me tHeRe because it is almost Summer!! although I heard from the radio that next week the ice age is back again BUUUUUT
 let's live in the moment live! love! laugh! 
carpe diem!

I don't want to admit, but I have been quite enjoying myself past few days. 
Being anxious is kinda lame, so I stopped being anxious.
Instead, I have been training like a g o d. 

For example, today I somehow a c c i d e n t a l l y after meeting my professor + project day end up in the gym which was fulfilled with people. All the tattooed guys including me were lifting weights like mf:ers. It was a good train and I made my personal records.
Next weeks are loads of work with the thesis, but that's fine.
Because I have embraced myself (even though the winter is not coming and I do not know why I am making game of thrones references I do not even watch the show lol). 
so I am ready!
That thesis might not be the most academic one.
But well damn it is the dearest one.
I have grown with that thesis. 

You know, it is like my b a b y .
When I started working that, I always remember the first time I sat down in my professor's office with my K O P L I shirt on, and I was absolutely heartbroken, sad and unmotivated.
My life motivation was absolutely 0 and I was mad at the world.
I was mad at the person who I had ditched from my life and I was mad at the world that it wasn't a fairytale.
I thought my life was over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
what a joke it was.

Now I think about that and I have to say.
It was the biggest blessing of my life that I got rid of that person
got new winds to my life.
and that thesis was one that brought them to me.

To be honest,
without that thesis, my life would be loads of different.
I met a lot of cool people while writing that.
And I re-discovered myself.
I may lost my strong independent woman for a while,
but it is back with stronger than ever before.

p e a c e !