tiistai 10. huhtikuuta 2018

Huuda ja soita suuta, mutta se ei mitää muuta


the best feeling ever is when you find an old artist you use to listen loads and then somehow drifted away from them. That happened me today.

In my opinion, Finnish hip-hop culture is rich. 
I have to admit that Gettomasa has never been my favorite artist, but I can not deny that I dig him a lot. He has many good songs, but I think one of those songs are above any other and it bores the name Pelkuri (coward). If you do not understand Finnish the song won't probably give you much, but as a summary, it is a heartbreaking tirade about poor family relations.
It lasts all in all around 9 minutes (and doesn't have any chorus on it) and I have never sound so brave and authentic song. 
When you listen to the song, you can sense the long hold anger, disappointment and sadness that comes through. 
The thing is that even though the song is angry, it is not exaggerated. 
And that is what makes it authentic.