perjantai 16. maaliskuuta 2018

You shouldn’t have come here. But I’m glad that you did.

I have almost told you everything about me, but there is still some things I bet I haven't told you.
But before that-
let's go back to this day.

After I finished my daily things I wanted to buy some candies before my evening continues, so I went the best place where I can buy candies here in Tallinn; the movie theater coca-cola plaza.

All the sudden I saw this funny Estonian comedy on the ad screens and I went to the self-service machine to see maybe I could go and check it out. I just missed it by couple of minutes, but then I saw the newest tomb raider ad. I heard earlier some discussions about the new Lara's boobs, and also my mate told me that it is probably shit. I begged him to come see it with me, because I have loads of emotions toward Lara. Not maybe her boobs most certainly, but more about tomb raidering itself.

I have played all the games through.
Belive it or not.
When I was a child it used to be me and my father's favorite activity to do.
First it was on computer, then it came to playstation1 and then to playstation2, but you know the Jazz already. 

We used to set up these massive game days, where we could be stuck in one place in the game and my mom wasn't so happy as she wanted to watch tv from our master tv, but me and dad had hijacked it for the whole day. My mom didn't play, because I believe she thought women don't play videogames. She was also very shit at playing that game every time she tried, expect this one time.

I always remember how me and dad tried everything in the game. It was a place where there was first puzzle and then you needed to jump like a hell in a big temple.
 And we tried and failed it million times.
And we tried again.
And again.
And again.
And every time we fell off.
My dad lost his mind probably one thousand times, and I sweared that once we get this game end I will never even glance to tomb raider again.
Then my mom came to try the place and for some- still don't know- what the hell or how the hell- she managed to get us out of there.
I still remember that feeling like yesterday.

Another funny occurance happened couple of years ealrier than that one.
We were waiting some of our family friends to come over, and I was costumed as Lara Croft.

I, so badly wanted to become her when I will grow up and I believe if being Lara Croft would make me money I would be definitely be a tomb raider.

I think she was the coolest woman ever.
She was everything- and still actually is everything that I fancy and want to see in myself.
She is independent, strong and badass woman.

So there I was as a young girl having my shorts on and everything on and my mom told me to get change my clothes, where I, ofcourse, intellectual 10 -year old as me told that "dad told me I can keep them". I always remember how they argued over my clothes. My mom was so scared that tomb raider will ruin me and my dad will make me this tom boy and boyish girl.
Well mom- I got the pageant crowns so I think you didn't have to worry about that.

Maybe that is why I don't feel myelf home while being just "a beautiful object."
I grew up with Lara.
I grew up to be my own hero, and moreover,
I grew up she telling me that it is never time to give up.

You might say I am silly, but I truly believe, from the bottom of my heart that without those games I wouldn't find the light when it is the darkest.
Because in those games- it always seemed that this was the end
-and there were always hints to be found.
You just needed to be patient, smart and persistent.

The new Tomb Raider was awesome.
With this absolutely huge screen and 3-d glasses on it was more than a movie.
It was an experience, a perfect movie I would say.
So maybe- if you are thinking her boobs are too small you should go and see the movie and you will understand why the size of her breast won't matter.

ps. the movie's soundrtack is awesome as well.