maanantai 19. maaliskuuta 2018

w i l l i w a n t y o u w h e n i t i s m o r n i n g

So many readers.
SO MANY NEW READERS! where you all came from?
Welcome to my internet family!

I truly do not know what is going on, but I am still sleeping most of the time. For instance, let's take last weekend. I went to bed at 9pm (!!) slept till 7am, ate breakfast, went back to bed sleep from 8am to 11am, opened up youtubed and slept till 17pm.

That counts altogether 18 hours.

 It is a lot for a girl who does not do much besides projects, dance, gym and social media I would say.
Well- the problem with people who see dreams a lot is that they require more sleep because when you are at REM state a.k.a seeing dreams you really do not rest as much as you would be in deep sleep.
So welcome to my life I guess!
It's getting a bit challenging tho, so let's see what we will invent.

But let's talk more about dreams because I guess you like those story times!
 I will say for the starters that if you do not believe me and my stories, I totally respect your choice because I definitely wouldn't believe my own stories if hadn't experienced them.

You don't get it? Let me give you a couple of examples.
I saw this one dream about a guy (this is an old story so no need to add things up mates :-D) where the guy came to me and confessed his love to me. This doesn't make ANY sense in our world. I didn't know the guy, I didn't find him attractive and most likely we were working in the same project but very far away from each other, so basically I never even spoke to him. PLUS we didn't even share the same background with me so I didn't even know his name well.
However, in some cases I just tell people if I see them in my dreams. And so I did to him. Of course, it is not the directors cut, that I tell but somewhere all the lines that
"I saw you in my dreams, nothing too exciting happened but it was fun".
Two months goes by and the guy confesses his love to me in this reality.
Yepp, true story.

Another one. Again a guy with whom I am hanging around quite a bit. I do not fancy him, actually the opposite and he comes to my dreams several times.
Three months go by, we end hooking up.
Yepp, true story.

So now.
I am seeing this one person in my dreams all over again.
He is so damn stable, and firm and just easy be around in that dream; like he had it all clear and set and I am just comfortable and doesn't stress anything in those dreams.
And every time in those dreams he is so caring. I woke up half an hour ago from a "nap" (I just keep passing out I do not get it). and in that dream I needed someone so much pet me, and he did.
He asked me to his place in the evening I promised to go just to understand it was all dream!!
s h i t !!
If I end up marrying him I will write a book about it.

So that was all for today ladies and gentlemen have a great trips in dreamland if you think I am speaking about you come and pet my hair I need to get marry to be able to write the book and get rich!

your favorite alice from wonderland
m o i c c u