tiistai 13. maaliskuuta 2018

t w e n t y f i v e l i f e l e s s o n I h a v e l e a r n e d d u r i n g m y l i f e

1 Just because someone taught you something, it doesn't mean it's right
2 Being co-operative even when you are treated badly will take you much further
3 Good music will make everything a little less so horrible in case of a bad day
4 Don't try to keep open the doors that are closed in front of your nose
5 One of the biggest contributors of your life quality and ability to make weighty choices is to be able to shut and ignore the small voice inside your head
6 In the end, you are completely alone
7 Friends usually come from the places you least expect them to come
8 In case of fuck up just take the wheel and make your best effort to save the pieces that are still there
9 Respect yourself enough to speak up when you need to
10 Question your every life choice every 6 months to make sure you are still happy and not just settling
11 Be kind
12 Speak always your true feelings
13 There is always time for coffee
14 Sauna will make things better
15 Don't pretend to be superhuman cause you are not
16 Finally it's all about priorities. You priorize everything in your life and that is how you make choices. If there is a will there is a way
17 Seeing other people as a reflection of yourself will turn around your world
18 Live gig is always a good idea
19 Opportunities wait there were you don't pay attention
20 Buy always only the things you REALLY REALLY REALLY want
21 Don't judge people based on your own perspective. You never know. YOU NEVER KNOW.
22 In case of conflict breath in and breath out
23 Listen to your intuition
24 Never lose your sense of humor
and finally
25 Go away from people who make you hard to love