keskiviikko 21. maaliskuuta 2018

c u r i o s i t y o f t e n l e a d s t o t r o u b l e

I have a problem.
I crave for adventures, and well, that often leads to trouble.

On Monday after my dance class, I felt rebel as always and wanted to instead of a detour to go straight to my next mission, just to find out that there was some construction work in the middle of the whole city. 
As I was swearing to myself I found a little loophole, 
a little opportunity for adventure if you wish.
Because I love taking risks and living on the edge, I sidled myself into the construction area, in the hope of finding from another side loophole as well.
After being lost in dark almost twenty minutes I finally realized there are no more loopholes in the area. The construction area was more than 1km2 and I was lost in dark, didn't even know where my home was.

At that moment she knew, she fucked up.
In the big, dark construction area you have time to think a lot, and that was what I started doing.
While I was climbing from fence to fence, just barely keeping myself away from these huge ass holes in the ground I thought about why i am like diz.
I wanted to scream laugh and crawl.
But Finnish sisu kept me going.
I finally made out of there and I share the moment with some guy who worked in the place where I headed to get some food.

The truth is my curiosity will eventually take me. 
I can not change my thirsty for adventure it is built inside of me, although I really would like to.
And the price for those adventures is a lot of downhills. 
And I am not sure if it is worth it anymore.
But until I figure that out, I can sleep meanwhile.