sunnuntai 11. helmikuuta 2018

Its addictive to feel so low but to be lifted

Y O !

This week was pure madness. And when I say madness- I mean it in a good way. I went to the movies, ordered food home, got drunk, escaped a SAW room, laughed, took photos, worked almost 12-hour-day, lit candles, made food, had dinner with colleagues, played video games with my mate, had terrible night terrors, ate chocolate cake for the dinner before going to the studio, danced my ass off, went shopping (and got insane :-D), went lecture to the university & made journey to my inner self and complained about how cold it was outside. 

All of its glory, this week was dope, even though I didn't write my master's at all this week.
But oh well- It can come later.

Love ya loads,