sunnuntai 18. helmikuuta 2018

I can feel every breath on the edge of my neck cigarettes and cologne

Y O !

So first of all the most interesting issue which everyone want to know, how my strategy started working? Oh man! it is going so well, I am actually proud of myself, haven't eaten any sweets and I went to dance in the morning today. In addition to that, I have cleaned my apartment, wrote A LOT university papers and slept A LOT.

Btw, I forgot to tell you something earlier... I got a blue eye!!! can you freaking believe, it was so awkward and I don't want to go into how I got it too much BUT!!! it feels so dope to be without makeup again as it is healed after 3 weeks!! :D F I N A L L Y. You just appreciate your face so much more when you do not have a massive bruised eye.