torstai 8. helmikuuta 2018

I built a lab up in the crib so I don't leave all day

ūüď∑edit: Matias Koski

Y O !

Past few weeks have been treating me well. They have been gentle and well- full of laugh. I have done so much and most of it has been just absolutely having blast. I never did believe saying this but past summer was the best thing ever happened to me.
Dear my life quality improved like 140 percent.

Do you believe in second chances? I didn't use to believe them until I understood that not believing in second chances is kinda like not believing yourself. Because we all make mistakes -right.

However, sometimes I do believe that the second chances come like f.b.i agents! invisible, without noticing and fun (:-D). I do believe in eternal improvement and so I do believe that our lives always get the better version of the people who lost earlier.
And then you get a second chance,

maybe to fix the thing you were not brave enough to fix for the first time.