maanantai 12. helmikuuta 2018

But right now I feel so hallow

yo!           Photo:lmatiask on IG 

I am writing this from my phone in the morning while waiting my buss to come so pardon me of mistakes. I just slept over 12 hours. Our office moved basically to middle-east and going back and forth between full-time job, full-time studies and sports from different parts of Tallinn leaves me utterly tired.

Don't get me wrong, I love my work and everything else but all the lectures and trying to put master's thesis together is not easy. And once again I have to admit that yep, still human.

My hormonal tiredness + stress and working crazy hours so that my meals consist most of the time ready-to-eat food because I am simply too tired to cook, clean or do anything productive on my free time. For the first time in my whole life I had to leave the gym because I simply fell asleep on my couch when I come home.

On Monday, I was on hurry to home lost in Tallinn's middle east and I was so tired confused and gave my everything that I just cried and I tried to find myself home. Physically & mentally (:-D) and a bit melodramatic too if you wish :D 

Sounds so dramatic which is not but what I need now is a good strategy and a proper sleeping schedule. I am so done with my masters obligatory classes which I am furstrated with and my thesis really. 

So if any good tips how not to burn out, holla me 🤙🏼😂 

Lez keep strong sisters! 
Ps. Näpit ihan hitsin jäässä