lauantai 2. joulukuuta 2017

don't take it personally baby, love 'em all lately, love all to my ladies -I dated a few 🌙

Yo! It's your favorite Scandinavian gurl here,
I spent my last free week by interviewing a few people to my thesis, drinking wine in Telliskivi, discussing about traveling and world politics, watching a movie (we both were way too talkative for the movie + I missed the whole highlight by going bathroom lolz), going to some _very_nice_ cultural event to celebrate my friends birthday, shooting, listening SZA, buying Christmas gift, going to gym, reading and just swimming in comfortableness. Also, one artist asked me to sing with him, which I was absolutely honored but said that I can not sing at all.
He asked that if I sing even shower.
Of course, I sing in the shower, but I got always told as a child that I am so average singing that not better try. So I was slightly confused, honored and kinda sad I have never tried singing in my life because I would love to know how to do it.

It is clear that the week was full of laughter and I skipped a few heartbeats too.
I know next week is going to be even more exciting so looking forward to that as well.
Do you know the feeling when you just click with someone really well? it is kinda dope feeling. 
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