maanantai 11. joulukuuta 2017

Can't tell what the time is, still know it's perfect timing ☾

photos by Annela Samuel

H e y  l o v e r s,

I have been missing you! there have been so much to do so I haven't had any time to write a proper report to you what has been going on, but all of its good! So first things first, NEW ADDRESS IS WWW.TARAWHO.FI Let's rise a toast!

And then more important things. I have been working like a donkey lately. There are some new projects and new views which are taking a lot of time in my life, and you can only imagine how much they have been giving to me. I have been also trying to be a badass time management birdie and schedule all my days so that there is still time to have a proper sleep. I haven't been very succesfull i.e last week I slept like 3 hours in one day, felt totally zombie and made a promise that next week I will become again a proper human being and sleep more. It is Monday so I can not give full raport yet.

w h a t  e l s e ? 
I have been having good times too. I went to eat pancakes on Sunday in Telliskivi and have been watching coupe of good new movies. I have been lifting heavily and done some new workouts with supersets. There has been a lot of, well happiness. 

Writing about those good things is a bit difficult, but I can say only thinking about it makes me, shiver, shake and smile. I think it is a good sign. 

It is still sometimes a bit difficult to be able to let go the things in past, and not let occurrences that happened in past to define us, but I think that is what you just have to choose on a daily basis.
To be better.
To be stronger.
To be braver

Every single day,  
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