sunnuntai 5. marraskuuta 2017

☾ Think I got it covered for the weekend


Lately I have been...
*Going to university to actual classes
*Speaking phone like 2 hours with things that were older than jesus christ himself
*Read 5 book (yes :--D 5.)
*Working with my master's thesis like maniac
*Having HORRIBLE nightmares (super connected to my hormones lolz)
*Noticing that my hair is all the sudden super long
*Smiling to strangers
*Drinking ciders with oh so loved one and had huge argument over our music taste
*Painting my nails 
*Lifting very statically. Yes it is a word. If it is not I just made it up.

So ye, I can say it has been dope.
But it also has been kinda wild and rollacoaster like always in my life, from one end to another.
I think settling down as a concept sounds super dope now :-D