lauantai 9. joulukuuta 2017

☾ the moments that made this cosmic giggle a bit deeper ☾

☾ this picture was taken during my friend visited me in Tallinn last summer. Me and her, we had about 24 hours to chill together. It was warm summer day, but when the day turned into a night it got a bit cold. A few seconds after this picture was taken full storm surprised us. We got wine in some random bar in Telliskivi and spoke about life, like we use to back in our university times together. It was a good day.

☾ this picture has been taken by one of the dearest human beings I know, in the end of last August. This picture is actually one of my favorite pictures of all because I think it shows so well how I felt in that moment. It was hands down the most challenging day of my whole entire life. In this picture, if I only knew what was up to come still, I think I would pack my bags and moved to Alabama. I still sometimes wonder how I did everything I had to face during that day.

 There are many things I have conquered during this short cosmic giggle of mine among other earthlings, but the previous day was emotionally and physically very rough. Before when I used to watch this picture I saw a lot of sorrow. Now when I watch this I see a lot of caretaking and universal love.

 This very day was the day when I started to attract so many gold-hearted people to my life. 
It was a weekday morning, and I had just woke up. I am drinking chamomile tea. The previous nite I had made an hour-long excursion from my own apartment to my friend's place where I mostly just kept quiet and built some jewelry. I went there because the first time in my whole entire life I felt like being alone wasn't really jazzy option. We didn't speak too much that night because I had had kinda dramatic day. 
I fell asleep in that actual floor and my friend had to took me to bed. I spoke some Finnish during that night and when asked if I am alright I always said "everything is perfect".
I really didn't know this night will be so memorable to me, but now later on when thinking about it I think it showed me a sparkle of hope in that moment. You know, like sometimes you just surprise yourself how good friends you have in this planet. 

☾ This picture was taken maybe a few weeks after the previous one. We were shopping with my friend pieces of furniture, but most of the time we just goofed around so that the sales represent came to ask us if we need help when I was hiding in the closet. It was probably the most awkward, childish and weirdest journey of all, but at the same time hands down one of the funniest days in summer. I had bought a present to my friend for the birthday and I gave it when we were heading back to town. 

☾ This picture was taken while before any of earlier pictures. Me and my friend went to have vacation in Riga, and I literally think it was one of the best days of my entire life. I literally didn't have a care in the world. 

☾ The day of this picture was taken changed my perspective to my whole entire life. 
☾ This picture is taken at our university, last semester. If I only knew where journeys that gurl will take me I would most definitely fasten my seat belts :-D 

☾ This picture is taken from my favorite shop in Tallinn. I was together with my friend there, we were shopping really cool clothes for her. 

☾ Last, but not least a picture from one Sunday in Tallinn together with my friend. She took care of me very well during many weekends during this Summer. I live for those weekends, and I will always keep those memories close to my heart. They are one of the best ones I have.