keskiviikko 18. lokakuuta 2017


dancers, <3.
I just want to take a couple of minutes and write about my day here, because it was so perfect.  I didn't do anything special, but already waking up with having memories on the day before when my friend appeared to my apartment after traveling several kilometers to only bring me flowers and wine from his hometown, and after having endless discussions and good time made me in a good mood. I also worked many hours with my thesis which made me smile even more. I got a nice package, and finally I went to our dance studio, where my fellow dancers drowned me in hugs and I got also flowers. Now I am doing what any other person who has got flowers is, crying (tears of happiness) :-D or trying not to cry because I just put some creme de la creme to my face :---D

My joy comes from the place of pure feeling of loved. 

Moral of the story:
There is ALWAYS light. Just hang in there, buddy.

Stay safe kids.