maanantai 11. syyskuuta 2017

You’re turning my insides you’re making me sick

                                           Lately I have been:

* Playing cards till night
* Giggled in a black car
* Danced my heart out
*Ate candies
* Finally being able to say I am doing fine man, today is a happy day
* Listened some new good artists
* Sending loads of emails
*Did all the things that was my "to do" list
*Being inspired
*Tried to slow down the time (that bastard goes so fast sometimes)
*Hanged out with my friend and celebrated her b-day
*Got lost in Pohja-Tallinn
* Pet the cutest dog on earth
* Drank cider in a bar
* Drank beer in a bar
* Been kissing loads
*Got know to knew warm-hearted people
*Went back to our dance trains which started last week
*Havd had skype meetings
*Listened night time stories and fell asleep meanwhile
*Listened music
*Took care of myself
*Smashed some goals

...and looked forward to uni to start again fully.