perjantai 15. syyskuuta 2017

🌙ι wιll learn тo love тнe ѕĸιeѕ ι aм υnder & ѕυn wιll ѕeт regardleѕѕ wнaт ι cнooѕe тo do


I just came home from downtown, we had a dinner in Turkish restaurant with my friend. Earlier on this day, I had an absolutely killer leg workout; I did 7 different movements and gosh it felt good!
I kept my sweater on the full time and that sweat man! It made me feel so refresh. Have you ever tried sports? it's fun man :-D
Also, I changed my sheets, cleaned a bit my apartment, painted my toe nails and laughed one meme way too long.  

The city looked so beautiful today evening and the weather was absolutely perfect; it was not too cold neither too hot. Just a perfect September day. Now my plan is to watch a couple of episodes my favorite Finnish & Norway programs and catch up a few Drew's videos. 
It is so wonderful that is Friday evening, I think I will have a good weekend.

Enjoy yours too,
and remember, Journey Wisely ;) 
love ya, 

ps. I am really dreaming to go to Amsterdam soon. Any thoughts about that? Sponsor maybe? :-D