keskiviikko 20. syyskuuta 2017

🔮 Tips To Overcome Common Cold


I am currently at home listening post malone & Finnish rap interviews, drinking coke zero, ginger tea and eating vegan food. I thought I could share things that made me feel better when I have caught a cold.

As you already know, me and my throat's relationship is not very good and we tend to argue loads because it likes to take all the viruses to itself and I am here one to suffer. If you didn't get the memo already, I have really annoying throat from time to time and I get extremely easily sick throat, which leaves me to avoid all humans who cough or sneeze even a bit. My dear ones know already that if they have even a bit flu I am not able to meet them in that time, because I got all the flus that universe has to offer :-D

I am still on my path to accept and admit myself that sometimes I am human too and I need to full chill mood, but I am getting better at it, believe me ;>
Here are couple of things that make me feel better when I have got common flu and I am willing to make healing as quickly as possible

* Focusing on healthy nutrition; Veggie/Plant-based diet, bananas, broccoli, BERRIES, fruits, and eating every time you feel even a bit hunger. It is EXTREMELY important to give nourishing nutrition to your body when you are overcoming flu. Even the times I am cutting I eat as much as I like to. Sometimes I do eat candies, and burgers too when I am sick, but I don't see that as beneficial, to be honest. Well maybe to mind sometimes, so do that if you will! But do not forget micronutrients filled food.

* ZINK is the key of getting over flu faster. The quicker you notice you are getting flu, the quicker you should take the supplement. And take it a lot.

* C-Vitamin or Multivitamin. You know, all the good stuff

* Ginger + Citron + Honey+Water mix. Boil some water and chop ginger to it. It helps

* Garlic. Springle that thing everywhere. To your food, to your almond milk and to your socks. Good luck if you have a husband or wife at home :-D

* Drinking loads of liquids. Water in a first hand, but I do drink coca-cola zero too loads.

* Tiger balsam. I use it to my throat and the three spots on my face.

* Taking your time & Loving yourself. This one sounds loads again like some hamsa -shit. But the thing is, that it is so important part to make yourself good, and give yourself time to rest. Tell to your body that I am gonna take care of you my rose garden, just chillax man :-D

*Keeping positive mindset

*Listening good music & watching good videos. Make yourself feel comfortable and stop your self-pitty. Look positive sides; now you can not go lifting or work too much, so you don't have other opportunities but to look your favorite things.

*Going out of your house to breath clean air. Just even couple of minutes.

* Medicines.  I don't take medicines if I don't have to, but when it comes to my throat I do take pain killers and medicines that make me feel better.

Get well soon,
If you want to read more about me and my throat's experiences, press HERE

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