tiistai 12. syyskuuta 2017

This is my letter to my secret-old-little-friend.

Dear old little friend,

We have been friends quite a long time now. It is a bit hard to pinpoint the moment when you came to my life because, well, time as a concept is very relative for me. But here you are still after all these years. Like any other relationship, we have had our ups and downs. I have tried to break up with you several times past years. But you seem not to get it.
You are persistent, as any good friend should be.
And I can not blame you on that.

I banned you everywhere. I moved to two different countries.
I try to find new things, keep myself busy and around myself with new friends.
And every time you find your way back to me.

If I had to choose one characteristic in your personality that you are good at I would definitely choose the skills of speaking and convincing.

Nevertheless, that is not my favorite part of you.
I think my favorite part of you is how you breathe heavily when you sleep.
Or the thing how you push me to experience the things I would otherwise do because it is for you take the blame. Without you knowing, you lead me to new things. New experiences and toward new people. And you did it well-
otherwise, I definitely wouldn't have so colorful life.
Oh and without forgetting the fact how you push me to do my best choreographies, write my best poems and relax when needed.

I guess you are really busy.
Becuase you often tend to come and visit in the evenings and mornings.
Nowadays, tho, you have been here loads more than usual.
Or maybe you are not busy, but you are just a bit shy.

I kinda agreed not to talk to you with my other friends, because you wanted us to be a secret.
And I was silly and thought that was such a good idea.
But lately I have been telling about you my friends.
Don't worry, it is nothing too bad or too good.
Just the basic things, what we tend to tell about our friends to other people.

I know I have been ignoring you for a long time.
But the thing with you is, that you are not easy either.
It is hard to have a friendship with someone who comes and goes as they want to.
It is hard sometimes to be a good friend when most of the things we talk is negative.

But I ain't ignoring you anymore.
So please come, and I promise I will make you coffee.
And for the first time ever I won't only listen, but I will hear you as well.