tiistai 12. syyskuuta 2017

They say every life precious

So last week I went to the new dance studio. As I tried to go after the sound of music and trying to trace the right door to squeeze myself in, I didn't have a clue what was waiting for me. It was the same old, familiar and lovely group but the studio was completely new for me. And so was I.

In eight weeks it is really easy to forget who you are and what you do. Summers, in general, have never been my strongest suits, and that is something we have been talked a lot in this blog. I get easily side tracks, when all the sudden all my oh, so important routines take away from me.
For those couple of weeks I drift and try to find something as meaningful as dancing, and I can guarantee that ain't gonna found by searching.

The human mind and body are fascinating. I took completely new place in a studio this time. And something in mind has changed as well. For me, the most difficult part has always been catching the new choreographies. And that is why, when people ask, I prefer myself as a choreographer than a dancer. 

But that time, it felt like my mind has been rebooted totally. Like somebody came and erase all my memory capacity and I was fresh for a new start. The past few months has been such a stress in my life. Sometimes you need to get pushed from the tracks by yourself. I hit the point literally where I didn't even care anymore about anything. And maybe that was what rebooted me eventually.

As discussed lately with my friend, obviously there is something bright inside us, which still puts you to do all the things that gets yo back to your path again.  
And that something can not be explained with words.

You can find signs wherever you look them for. 
But oh god how I believe, that sometimes when you can not see the signs universe works rest of the cases.
And meanwhile - dancing can be my therapy. 

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